Summer Daze – transom lettering

The handle on the transom above the swim ladder  is the size and shape limiting factor on this boat name design.  At the center, the  height from the swim platform to the rub rail would be sufficient, to quote production of this custom graphic.





verb (transitive)


This boat name intends to stun or stupefy, esp by a blow or shock during a hot summer day.  These two ideas are examples of a gold bevel letterface.


to bewilder, amaze, or dazzle



a state of stunned confusion or shock (esp in the phrase in a daze)
Derived Forms
dazedly (ˈdeɪzɪdlɪ) adverb
Word Origin
C14: from Old Norse dasa-, as in dasask to grow weary


  1. 1.
    make (someone) unable to think or react properly; stupefy; bewilder.
    “she was dazed by his revelations”
    synonyms: stun, stupefy
  1. 1.
    a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment.
    “he was walking around in a daze
    synonyms: stupor, trance, haze





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