Magic Carpet

Come to us with an idea on a napkin…

From concept to installation

Often times this is where we start with your boat name.  You’ve envisioned a rough concept and maybe even sketched it out.  In this case,  “a fisherman on a magic carpet with two girls catching a mermaid, but I want the mermaid to be splashing and fighting, the water at her waistline.”

We start going back and forth on revisions from first drafts like this, which start a conversation about what you like and don’t like.  In this case, the customer wanted to switch the clothing on the fisherman, the girl on the carpet, details on the mermaid, and the position of all these elements on the side of the boat.  We have identified the waterline from shots taken in the water, but want to note that in these shots the bait tanks were empty and the fuel was low so there is a margin for error.

Starting to take shape, as we decide to have the customer pose for this unique request.  They get in costume hook a line up to a door knob and take some photos from their room, which can be photoshopped on a better carpet which ends up being a 40 ft. boat wrap.

Several iterations over time yield to a full boatwrap that looks more like this…

The results speak for themselves.

Magic Carpet shows up early around :39 in this great clip from zipzap.

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