I’m an outdoor person. Mainly water. In all my travels I fell for EAGLES!!. While working with Rene’ in Mass I was confused about her last name. It is ORNE. (Pronounced ON). I asked here about it, she explained it is her married name and that her husband is Swedish. The name ORNE is Swed for “EAGLE”. I was quite taken and explained to her that I was trying to pick a name for THE BOAT! She said I was more than welcome to use her name. THE BOAT is called ORNE ONE (Eagle one).

To top it off I told my dad. He said YEAH you are the HORNEY ONE! I told him no, there is no “H”. So— I agreed if I’m the (HORNEY ONE) his boat is the ORNE TOO (Eagle TWO – or HORNEY ALSO)

We have a collection of great eagle graphics to use in boat names, by the way.

See the Wild Eagle for examples of one in particular that comes to mind.

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