Sunshine Daydream – California

boat lettering animation
12. lighter rays with darker soft shadow

These three different hull previews, wide, wider and widest use different versions of the outline


These four show a variation on the outline color from silver chrome to darker blue, I prefer the above which has just hints of blue sky like your chrome rails on a sunny day.

10b. silver chrome bevel
7. blue chrome outline w/ soft shadow, gradient fill, wider aspect ratio, darker rays
6. Color alterations

6. closeup color details, gold chrome bevel over black (for readability) and lighter sun rays. A bevel letterface light from the front.
5. using sunrays between words
1. using an image of sunrise or sunset
2 using a sunbeam fill requires a thick font face
8 script style with sunrays
3. using a cursive typeface and a gold chrome bevel
4. blue and gold bevel with mixed typeface

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