Urban Legend Boat Graphics

5. navy fill with silver outline and soft shadow. all caps stack (same type as #2 for comparison
5. hull preview
4. blue bevel with silver foil outline and a soft shadow
1. Type combo, silver and black with scripted Legend
1. hull preview centered free from ladders.
2. all caps arched white or chrome outline centered
2. hull preview with reduced hailing port
This type of silver would also look awesome.
3. blue with chrome outline.
3. hull preview centered

I start with a type study and especially what is going on with the capital U and L combinations.

I then pick my favorites from the basics and and brainstorm with those to come up with various combinations that might be interesting.

This first example I really like and can play with different coloring schemes and effects all day. Its the basic shapes that I think are foundational before getting into the nitty gritty.